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Adio Hamilton W's are so flippin sweet!!!! I love these shoes. They are comfy and ya get tons of compliments on them, not to mention they are pretty decent for skateboarding...The first day I wore these my classmates kept asking me if they could borrow my shoes, or trade them, some people were even taking hem off of my feet. Needless to say, this is an awesome shoe overall!
Awesome Shoes =) I bought the black and white Hamiltons after searching the site for the perfect skate shoe. I couldn't have been happier. I got loads of compliments on them and they were super comfy. I skate with them and the grip of these shoes is great. I love them so much, that they're pretty much the only shoes I wear now, so they've faded a tad bit and the stitches in the front are a bit frayed, but this doesn't affect how good they look or how great they are for skating. Great shoe. BUY it. I recommend getting them a half size bigger. When you first put them on, they will feel too tight, but the shoes mold to your feet a bit, so they'll feel perfect within the first week.

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