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Barricade4 Barricade III bCool Azaya Gilzero
II Megajet Meteor Paydirt Plush Leather
Quantum Leap Torsion Euro TRX FG Viper Cushion W

My daughter loves them! I have never understood the rave about these shoes, still don't. I call them "fat shoes", but my daughter is almost 13 and she is all hyped up about her new shoes! She tried to find this pair in her size at the mall and couldn't, so we ordered em from Zappos and because of the free shipping, they were even a couple bucks cheaper. AWESOME!
These shoes have lasted me 2 years in a row, and I recently got a new pair. I am soon getting another pair in the electric blue color. They last for so long, and are comfy. My friend wanted to trade her Phat Farm shoes with me for a day and we did, and I was so relieved to put on my own shoes again. She didn't want to give them back though, but they were so much comfier than hers. I would recommend them any day of the week!! Just make sure you order about a half size up... that's the only con to these shoes.

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