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When the feet are uncomfortable, so is the mind and body." With these words, Donald J Pliner has committed his life to the quality and perfection of an innovative line of shoes.
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I received these shoes on April 13, 2007. These brand shoes are so comfortable. They fit my foot like a glove and are well made. They have plenty of support for the feet. I can't say enough about these brand shoes. These shoes are worth every dime.
Best little shoe in Florida - I wore this shoe until it almost fell apart; the stitching was gone almost all around and it still kept together. I couldn't find this shoe anywhere until I was told about this website and I'm THRILLED to find it again. The only thing that made me stop wearing this shoe was that it smelled from being worn so much. I have a bone spur in my heel and this shoe was so comfortable I wore every day for almost 2 years (a little exaggeration, but almost true!).

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