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Astro Capri Flat Back Gym Training Legacy
Long Tight More Attitude Peached Perfecto Snap Pants
Soft Touch Stripes Summit Yoga Zen pant

Always a good choice - I haven't owned a pair of Adidas in years, I usually buy Puma, Asics Tigers, and Royal Elastics, but these shoes are money. I highly recommend these; they look old school and will continue to be a hot shoe as long as they make em.
One-third of my shoe-drobe. I love these shoes. I'm on my third pair of Rod Lavers. I alternate between the navy and the green so I don't get bored. They're super comfortable, look good with just about everything, and last awhile. I wish I knew how to clean them better -- they get grungy after a few months in the city. I tend to sideswipe one shoe with the other one when I walk, and the colored toe rubber scuffs the white rubber around the base of the opposite shoe. I don't care, I still love 'em. Side note -- Believe the hype: Zappos has the best all around service of any online retailer I've ever used. They're superb.

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