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Having severe periphial neuropathy in my legs, these are the ONLY shoes I can get to 'help' with the intolerable leg pain. The massaging really works to lessen the pain and I take less pain medicine. I wish that it could come in colors, however, and little a little more femine so that I could wear it more for just than around the house and walking the dog. Being disabled and needed for my pain and health, they are tax deductible as well. They are kind of hard on the bottoms of the feet in the early spring (they will actually peel off but that is not really bad for 'winter soles and dead skin', but just start out wearing socks until your feet harden. Looking for more like them. Some have nobbies, but not in the right places for massage therapy. Be sure to get the ones that have theraputic massage, mostly Adidas is the only brand I can locate. The shot ones I have I found for a dollar at a consignment shop are nearly 'gone' and am so glad to locate these. The velcro allows me to wear them in winter with socks.

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