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A3 A3 Trainer Black Blue Excelsior
Excelsior 5 Leather Micro Leather Micro Trainer Pure Trainer

Great design but the colors... I wanted a replacement for a pair of Adidas Roms I had - I actually like the design (shoe construction) of these better. They're easier to slip on and off, the laces don't go as far up to the front of the ankle. I don't like the color scheme as much though - I got black with army green stripes. They're kinda dull looking, would have preferred more vibrant-colored stripes.
Almost perfect - These shoes felt good as soon as I put them on. They look pretty nifty too. However I believe they would look even better if they where all black, except for the green stripes. Originally I was holding out for a certain pair of campers that went out of stock, but it turned out to be a lost cause. I feel these shoes made a great, and less expensive, second choice. Iím happy.

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